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Hola, I'm Lina  
I am a  Senior Digital Product Designer

My passion is to create beautiful graphics and designs that have the power to convey great stories, generate empathy and build the best experiences. 


My background as an industrial designer has given me a hands-on approach to user centred design and problem-solving My experience in creative and cultural entrepreneurship has allowed me to apply the principles of design and design thinking to develop sound business plans. 


I moved to London over two years ago to pursue my dreams, where I have applied my creative skills and knowledge of business strategy to grow as a digital product Designer. 

My Design process

1. Learn and Discover

Artboard 142.png

2. Plan and Strategy

3. Design and Prototype

5. Build and Implement

6. Test and Learn

4. Feedback and Validation

1. Learn and Discover

  • Research and understanding of the problem

  • Deep understanding of the users needs to identify the right problem by mapping and observing their behaviour

  • Requirements gathering 

  • Mapping out problems and challenges 

  • Define use cases, user and business goals 

  • Users Journey Mapping and identification of pain points

2. Plan and Strategy

  • Define the scope of the project and the best way to meet the design goals.

  • Establish design deliverables 

  • Establish a workflow between al de product phases 

  • Assign and delegate responsibilities among stakeholders, developers and design team

  • Finding the value proposition of the solution

4. Feedback and Validation

  • Evaluate, Reassess Adjust

  • Feedback and validation between stakeholders 

  • Feedback from users

  • Confirm customer requirements and business goals

5. Build and Implement

  • Design <> Development handoff

  • Guidelines and interaction requirements

  • Prototype vs Development

  • Design QA 

  • Implementation feedback and adjustments 

  • Internal testing 

6. Test and Learn

  • ​​​Final Assets delivery 

  • User testing and validation

  • Map new experience 

  • Collect actionable feedback for further development

  • Back to step 1 

3. Design and Prototype

  • Ideation and brainstorming 

  • Map the User experience and workflows 

  • Wireframing

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Usage guidelines

  • UI and Styleguide 

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