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//Ephemeral Architecture//

//Central Park Summer Pavilion

Neither culture nor cities are static. Despite the geometry buildings tend to have, the behavior of NY city tends to be natural, dynamic and constantly changing. From the people you watch walking through the different styles projected on the façades to the connected ecosystem Central Park has, New York is actually a con- solidated place of diversity and pluralism. New York, Manhattan and Central Park itself are living outdoor museums, an expression of vibrant creativity, heterogeneity coexisting and making life possible. Urban Zipline CPSP is a proposal about a different way of discovering this iconic land escaping from the grid-like classic travel.

Cultural impacts are generated by offering people new points of view and chan- ging their ordinary approach to things. Urban Zipline is an invitation to explore the urban belt surrounding Central Park, the wide existing activities and beauties within it and our possibilities as humans as we zip and then pause in a city that never stops. Inspired by traditional zip-lines where sightseeing happens from above and across nature, the UZ Pavilion offers a wide range of new possible views on one of the most important urban landscapes. UZ stands on top of a green blanket allowing the appreciation of different perspectives and pictures of this central nerve. It generates a new vision through the different self-exploring stations of loving, chilling, wishing, creating, knowing, enjoying and playing.

You zip, you step, you create new lines in a place full of them.

To a never ending city, a never ending view. 

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