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Creativity against corruption

Colombia, an understanding of its corruption through its citizen's empathy. values and motivations.

Personal project


This experiment aims to understand empathy, human values and motivation drivers as well as its relationship with corruption to identify common aspects between them and its possible poten5als to create awareness and empowerment of citizens.

Research objectives:

  1.  An overall understanding of Corruption and its forms in a Colombian context

  2. An understanding of Colombians citizens general perceptions fo the country’s current situation

  3. The implementation of a new mechanism to measure empathy, human values and motivation drivers

  4. Understand how empathy, social values and motivation drivers are related to each other to identify patterns in citizens behaviour towards corruption.

  5. Create the bases for a gaming experience that allows citizens to get an understanding of the potentials of their values

  6. Propose future approaches towards the empowerment of citizens by knowing and understanding their proposes and responsibilities against corruption.


To able to transform the world or the society making a meaningful difference is one of the biggest motivations and goals of many leaders across the globe. However, face the challenges that those changes require does not seem to be an easy task especially if the awareness towards a specific issue and its relevance is null or very scarce. One of the biggest challenges that societies have had to face for many years is Corruption. Many countries with rising economies suffer from a high level of corruption that slows their overall development. The whole of society is affected as a result of the inefficient allocation of resources, the presence of a shadow economy, and low-quality education and aid. Corruption, therefore, makes these societies worse off and lowers the living standards of most of their populations Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index in (2017) Such is the case of Colombia.


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