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Mammoth Analytics' Desktop App


UX/UI, Uset Testing, Design QA, Content Strategy, Illustrations, Site Architecture

Mammoth Analytics is a self-service data management platform. It provides tools, including powerful automation capabilities, to transform, analyse and get insights on complex data without any coding or help from IT.


As UX/UI Designer, I led the app's design decisions based on users research. I had a very close relationship with the development team as we value collaboration to get the right experiences, our workflow often involved wire-framing, prototyping, user testing, design QA,  implementation and iteration.


My job was to be the advocate for the users and the design implementation goalkeeper. My aim was to make sure that the app was meeting the user's needs, trough user-friendly UI seamlessly to use meanwhile delivering powerful functionalities.



Designed for everyone, Mammoth

is made with simplicity in mind so anyone in an organisation is empowered to make changes to data with a growing list of powerful functions, from calculating date difference to joining datasets and a host of other tools, users have access to powerful functions minus the extra learning curve.

From raw data


To Insights

Artboard 1 copy 2.png

manage your data journey, in a single platform

A faster path to insights

As part of the design brief, the experience and technology were to make the data analysis process incredibly simple.


There's no installation, no dependency on IT, and no coding. The idea is to allow anyone in an organization, whether they are technical or non-technical to be empowered with the right tools to manage their own data.  With transparency, visibility, and control of the entire journey, from data at its raw state all the way to insights. 

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