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Hola Designit!

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About Me


What I do


4. Feedback and Validation

1. Understand and Discover

2. Envision and Plan 

3. Design and Prototype

5. Build and Implement

6. Test and Learn

1. Undestand and Discover

  • Research and understanding of the problem

  • Deep understanding of the users needs to identify the right problem by mapping and observing their behaviour

  • Requirements gathering 

  • Mapping out problems and challenges 

  • Define use cases, user and business goals 

  • Users Journey Mapping and identification of pain points

2. Envision and Plan

  • Define the scope of the project and the best way to meet the design goals.

  • Establish design deliverables 

  • Establish a workflow between al de product phases 

  • Assign and delegate responsibilities among stakeholders, developers and design team

  • Finding the value proposition of the solution

3. Design and Prototype

  • Ideation and brainstorming 

  • Map the User experience and workflows 

  • Wireframing

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Usage guidelines

  • UI and Styleguide 

5. Build and Implement

  • Design <> Development handoff

  • Guidelines and interaction requirements

  • Prototype vs Development

  • Design QA 

  • Implementation feedback and adjustments 

  • Internal testing 

4. Feedback and Validation

  • Evaluate, Reassess Adjust

  • Feedback and validation between stakeholders 

  • Feedback from users

  • Confirm customer requirements and business goals

6. Test and Learn

  • ​​​Final Assets delivery 

  • User testing and validation

  • Map new experience 

  • Collect actionable feedback for further development

  • Back to step 1 

Why Designit

Design What Matters

Design for social impact to make the wold a better place


Create a positive impact




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